What is the difference between natural sunscreen and chemical sunscreen?

            Natural sunscreen creates a reflective barrier between your skin and the sun which is why the color of the sunscreen is visible when it is on your skin.  Chemical sunscreen (what most stores sell) is absorbed into your skin and when sunrays reach your skin, they are converted into heat and dispersed throughout your skin.  


What if my Hippo Sweat looks like it is drying up?

           Hippo Sweat may dry up over time because we use all natural oils and butters to suspend the mineral that reflect sunrays.  What we like to do is keep the Hippo Sweat in a pocket or leave it in a sunny place so that it warms up to room temperature and makes application easy.


Can I eat my Hippo Sweat?

           Hippo Sweat IS all natural, but we do not recommend eating it.  There is no added flavor and the cocoa powder is 100%, so it is mainly just for the smell and tint, not for the flavor.